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Quite refreshingly, StatCalc comes with a colorful and simplified interface. Color-coded boxes appear on the home page and these are accompanied by easy to understand terms. You won’t find any boring grey backgrounds or oddly colored letters when using this program! Clean, not bloated, and full of color, this is one program that really outdoes the others in its class.


StatCalc is largely a learning tool in addition to being a statistical calculator. As a learning too, StatCalc is easy for users of all levels to use. It’s clear to see why professionals would find this program useful, but it’s also easy to see why students would gravitate towards the friendly interface and self-explanatory sections of this program.

Main Function

StatCalc comes with twenty-two different procedures that users can select from. This tool can be used to compare statistics, compare calculations, and perform a number of other functions. StatCalc does manage to perform as the program description states, and users of all levels will find this tool to be a very handy one.

Extra Features

After calculating or comparing calculations, users can save and print work details. A save and print function may seem basic, but it’s one feature that most other calculators in this category do not have. As such, the save and print feature is one of the best features that StatCalc comes with.


For $14.95, you just can’t go wrong with StatCalc. If you’re in the market for a program of this type, there are few on the market that comes with as great an interface as StatCalc.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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